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Fandom: Penguins of Madagascar
Pairing: Rico/His Dolly
Rating: G
Word Count 210

Warning: Spoilers for the episodes What Comes Around and Hello Dollface

Ms. Perky Speaks
A. Kite (June 2010)

The name is Perky, Ms. Perky thank you very much. I like the name Ms. Perky. It's a much better name than what my former companion called me. I still shudder at Princess Pony Princess, and if she'd tried to feed me sparkle glitter one more time... Do you know how much that stuff itches when it gets down your dress? I can't exactly scratch myself, being made of molded plastic and all.

I really don't speak either, much like my current companion. There was that one time when I had that Lunicorn voice chip transplant, but boy, did that end up a disaster. The only words spoken that reflected how I really feel weren't spoken by the moon horse, as Skipper calls it, but by Kowalski when he pretended to be me and said, "I love Rico just the way he is."

The vomiting can get gross at times, and the smell of fish overwhelming, but Rico is my hero. He cleaned me up after I'd been stuck in that sewer pipe. He brushes my hair, cuddles and croons to me. Best of all, he gives me those sweet pecks of his beak. Those times I wouldn't trade places with any other doll in the world.


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