Nov. 6th, 2010

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When I came home from work Thursday afternoon the whole front patio area was covered in tiny, little seeds. It's hard to describe exactly how my house and yard are configured, but the garage sets in front and between the back of the garage and the house is mostly concrete. I have a plant bed along one side and an area in the corner on the other side where the oleander tree is. The plant bed goes almost up to opposite the front door. There's an overhang making a small porch area. These seeds were scattered all over just that area. They weren't on the driveway or the little bit of yard out front and outside the fenced part of the yard. They weren't on the side or at the back of my house. Only there in this small courtyard type area.

I would have thought the seeds blew there (and it was windy that day) if they hadn't been on top of the leaves of the plants in the side bed. If they had fell from the sky, though, how did they get in the covered area? If is was the wind, why weren't they everywhere? I thought at first they were inorganic matter, like something off the roof or our neighbor's roof, but Mr. akite looked at them under a magnifying glass and found they were seeds. Though, not of a type that he'd ever seen before. Me either. Freaky, y/n?


akite: from a painting of an old fashion dressed girl on a bench  (Default)

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